Fix problems

How to solve install or update problems

If you face any error when you try to download or update the tutubox app, you might want to see the following solutions to fix it.

  1. If your phone is connected to a mobile data or interrupted Wi-Fi connection, Change the internet connection to another network and make sure it is live.
  1. Find the tutubox app, press the app icon firmly until you see an options window with few buttons.
  2. From the list, select Cancel Download, then restart your phone to clear the temporary data.
  3. Open the Safari browser to visit the Tutubox download page, then re-install again with a fresh copy of the Tutubox app.

Get button is not working

This is an error related to the Tutubox app certificate. In a situation like this, you must wait until the developers replace the old certificate with a new one.

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