TutuBox – iOS App Store

Tutubox app is a no revoke 3rd party app store for iPhones that allows you to install thousands of popular tweaked apps and games for free. It is designed to works on the latest iOS 13 and iOS 14, regardless of the phone’s Jailbreaking status.

  • No jailbreak.
  • At no cost.
  • Direct download links with faster download speed.
  • Minimalistic design.

Download Tutubox App

Use the button down below to get the Tutubox app on your iPhone. Instructions are on the download page. Be sure to follow them to have an error-free install.

Why Choose Tutubox

Tutubox is the only app-store you’ll ever need to download 3rd party apps. It has every digital content type, including games, apps, and utility tools like emulators or jailbreaking apps. You can get everything under one roof.

All the apps available at this store are free. And have several benefits to using the Tutubox app over conventional app stores.

Your Place to Download Tweaked Apps

Tutubox is a place to get the very best tweaked apps for your iPhone. It has over a hundred thousand downloads and an active community that supports their new users.

Tutubox app has several app sections with many new apps and games. To make it easier, we gathered all the details you need down here.

tweaked apps

Tweaked apps

This is the most extensive app section in the repository. You can download many popular apps in here. Including Spotlite+ Spotify, Whatsapp++, Instagram ++, Youtube Music ++, and many more.



Get every type of emulator for any console back from the 80s and 90s. It has emulators for Play Station, Nintendo, Sega, and everything else.

tweaked apps

Mod games

It gives you the power to download mod games such as Among Us, Fortnite, COD Black Ops Zombies, iSpoofer for Pokémon so you can have the best game experience ever!

utility tools

Utility tools

If you ever wonder how to jailbreak your iPhone without having a computer? Download the Tutubox app. It has tools to jailbreak your phone no matter what iOS it runs on. This includes the latest iOS 13 and iOS 14.

How is This Special

no log in required

No logging is required

Tutubox is a subscription-free application. You don’t have to register or put your credentials to use the app store.

web downloader

Faster downloads

It has high-speed servers worldwide. You can experience lightning fast download speed even when you download apps side-by-side.

less revokes

Less revokes

Same as other app markets, it is using enterprise certificate to activate apps. This does not usually work for many app stores with the latest iOS updates. But there is a workaround to fix revokes by cloaking its services to Apple servers.

no jailbreak

No more jailbreaks

The app or anything downloading from the app-store does not ask to jailbreak your iPhone.

no charges

No charges

Tutubox app uses ad networks to make income so you can get everything on the store for free. There are no subscription fees or hidden costs.

multiple download methods

Download from any method

You can download TutuBox app over Wi-Fi connection, mobile data, or connecting through your phone to a PC/Mac.

web downloader

Web downloader

If you prefer to use the app but hesitate to install it? There is a web downloader for you. It works as the same as the app, but with any web browser. (We prefer Safari browser to give you optimal user experience)

request an app

App requests

If you couldn’t find the app you are looking for, you can request that with us through an app request.

Tutubox App Help

For any help on getting started & app-related support visit here.

If you are facing any difficulty or any app-related error with Tutubox visit our troubleshooting guide page to get support.

To learn more about what we are, what we do, and any information on our team and future app updates, you can visit the ‘About us’ page.

Additionally, you can request any app, any help you couldn’t find on our help recourses. Contact us on our social channels (Twitter, Telegram, Youtube) or visit us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to some of the most common questions you might have on your mind about Tutubox.


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